We compare the Peugeot 107 hatchback with a full-fledged car.

With a length of 3430 mm, a width of 1630 and a height of 1470 mm, the front-wheel drive Peugeot 107 weighs 875 kg. According to passport data, the machine accelerates to a hundred in 13.7 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 157. Consumption in the combined cycle, in theory, should not exceed 5 liters.

The French micro-hatch recently, in the spring, underwent a restyling and noticeably changed. It got a raised bonnet, revised headlights, grille and bumper, as well as some new equipment and options. Considering this a sufficient reason for getting to know each other, the Drive employees appreciated the five-door “one hundred and seventh” in not the most dexterous situations in life and, of course, disagreed. And every single one, without saying a word, found the answer to the same question.

With an automatic transmission, the Peugeot 107 is offered in our only configuration – the maximum one, which is called 1.0 Active 2-Tronic and costs 469,000 rubles in our test car with options. Here, the five-speed “robot” is aggregated with a 68 hp liter gasoline engine, and the set includes two airbags and side curtain airbags, an air conditioner, an onboard computer, an audio system with MP3, front power windows, rear tinted windows, aluminum wheels and metallic “. However, you can save money and buy a “one hundred and seventh” for 388,000 rubles: it will be a car without an amplifier and steering wheel adjustment, without an air conditioner and “music”. But why live like that, cats?

Alexey Smirnov taught a child to drive.

You release the brake, smoothly press the gas and then you just follow the road and drive. For my twelve-year-old daughter, the Peugeot 107 was the first car she drove herself. The discovery of something new, the delight, the envy of the neighbors’ children. Emotions are such that it is difficult to convey in words. And most importantly, after four half-hour classes on rural paths, I seemed to be superfluous in this company. The little girl and the little car hit it off faster than I could have imagined.

Wheels, motor, steering wheel, pedals – there is nothing superfluous in “one hundred and seventh”. That is why even a child is capable of driving this car. However, it is a complete car because it also has air conditioning, four airbags and a pair of rear gates. Two of my friends also showed interest in the “fawn”. After slamming the doors, sitting inside and looking into the trunk, they, as if by agreement, gave out a sincere one – and you don’t need more. True truth! A liter motor, harnessed Land & Plots For Sale in Nyarugenge by a robotic transmission, is enough for a 900-kilogram “one hundred and seventh” to shoot first from a traffic light. The suspension smooths out road ulcers well, and a moderate appetite allows you to forget about visits to gas stations for a long time.

How easy it is to drive this little car through the crowded city streets! Having once spent half the time on the way home, I suddenly realized that the kid is not simple – reactive! Not possessing superiority in either power or speed, he nevertheless somehow knows how to shorten distances. I even managed to make friends with an imperfect “robot”: the throttle was dropped at the moment of gear change – and the delay was gone. At the same time, there is enough space inside the “fawn” even for those who wear clothes of XXL size and above. So what’s the problem?

“Well this is not serious!” – having cooled down, my friends declare, categorically refusing to change from their SUVs to such a low-prestige class A car. So my friend did not appreciate the charm of the “one hundred and seventh”. Well, yes, it’s cool, but so that every day … So that’s the thing! We are forbidden to have small cars by our own ego! “You need to be cooler, more mature and more serious” – so it says. And it seems to me that you need to be simpler, choosing reasonable sufficiency instead of excesses, as is the case in the thinking head of Europe. I know that in Russia with this position I am in the minority. But not alone. My daughter and I are now at least two.

Anastasia Korolkova faced aggression.

A good-natured look does not play into the hands of “one hundred and seventh” in Moscow reality. For some reason, he does not cause a smile in those around him, but aggression. Having traveled on this city car, I was finally convinced: we are still far from Europe. And the whole thing, it seems, is in the mentality. Driving a Smart in a quiet Belgian town, I feel great and only rejoice at the small size of the car. And in the stream on Tverskaya in a small Peugeot, I feel discomfort and a desire to urgently leave the car. The reasons are in the mood around me. It seems that all the neighbors in the traffic jam radiate an aura of ill will. And God bless them, with huge tinted Gelendvagens and Land Cruisers! But after all, everyone who has a car even one centimeter longer than “one hundred and seventh” pretends that I am not there.

I don’t know how my male colleagues handled this attitude on the road. I dare to assume that I just, with hair dyed in bright blond, driving a compact, and even life-affirming purple hatchback, personify that very macaque with a grenade. Although it seemed to me rather that, sitting in the Peugeot 107, I was putting on an invisibility hat. There was no contempt, only ignorance of the very fact of my presence. That is why I was mercilessly cut off by some old Opel, and the slightly larger Golf generally considered it unacceptable even the thought of me changing to the left lane, warning me in advance with a long beep.

It does not occur to him that a high-spirited “one hundred and seventh” will not slow down the flow, but perhaps it will turn out to be faster than him in dense traffic. Stereotypes … The saddest thing is that it is difficult to deal with them – it is easier to succumb. I confess that I myself swapped the Lexus IS sedan for the more frightening Range Rover Evoque. Unconsciously, but still the choice was that. Surely the time will come when cute cars no more than 3.5 m long will be scurrying everywhere in our country. But, apparently, this will not happen tomorrow, or maybe not in a year. After all, for some reason, you can’t start with yourself either.

Konstantin Bolotov traveled without gasoline.

We left one night from Sheremetyevo airport. The path ran through the whole of Moscow, from north to south, from one Zamkadye to another. I was sitting as a passenger and did not recognize the Peugeot 107, which I recently scolded while driving. In the hands of my friend, an experienced trainer of a small car, the crippled “one hundred and seventh” behaved just fine, like a full-fledged car. Comfortable, fast, lively.

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